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DJI Ronin S carry around like a pro

The DJI Ronin S is heavy! Damn hard if you have to carry it around all day assembled.

I was looking for a solution how to carry the DJI Ronin S around in fast access without having to hold it in my hand all the time. The first thought was to wear the heavy gimbal around the neck on a lanyard or camera strap but it cut too much in the neck.

In the meantime, I have found another solution that I personally like very much.

I love the quick release buttons “Anchor Links” from Peak Design and use them practically everywhere where I want to attach and detach camera equipment quickly.

As an ideal point to “hang up” the DJI Ronin S the roll axis turned out. Here I connected two Anchor Links and put them around the axis. These remain permanently on the gimbal. With their low weight the do not disturb the mobility of the axes.

The Anchor Links are attached to a loop of a strap of my Peak Design Everyday 30l backpack.

The Ronin and camera dangle down to the side of my body and can be stabilized and protected with one hand. The entire weight of the gimbal and the camera lies on the shoulder.

So I have the calibrated DJI Ronin S always in fast access and have it within seconds with a handle from the backpack detached. Both hands are also free when needed. A great solution for me at the moment.

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