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How To Vehicle Upholstery Interior Cleaning

My vehicle looked already with the purchase, as if it was not particularly often maintained with the 130k km.

Lipstick, cola, new and clearly not colour-fast trousers have immortalised themselves on upholstery and interior. (At least that helped a lot in the price negotiations).

First attempts with Perwoll detergent, dissolved in 40°C water and with a terry glove discoloured the glove so fast that I had to stop working. Simply spreading the dirt makes no sense…


The magic tool, which fell into the hands a few months later, simplified the reprocessing enormously! –> Carpet Cleaner

But now for my procedure:

  • Spray upholstery surface or upholstery element with upholstery cleaner, wet with a second spray bottle of water (yes one could have mixed it too).
  • Let it soak for 5 minutes and then wipe with a towel.
  • Rub off very dirty areas with a small scrub brush.
  • Then slowly vacuum off everything with the vacuum cleaner and soak again with pure water, rub and vacuum off the last residues of the upholstery cleaner in a second suction cycle.

The suctioned broth already looked dark-brownish through the plastic nozzle of the vacuum cleaner.

It is important to make sure that the vehicle can dry out well afterwards, otherwise mould can quickly form.

After drying the result was brilliant. Apart from slight discolorations on the driver’s seat, the upholstery is now clean again. These will be treated more intensively at some point.


The driver’s seat was a little more deformed by dirt despite the washer extractor.

That’s why I’ve started this one again with “Vanish Carpet Cleaner Spray“.

You gotta hand it to that chemical bomb: It works great! But please, PLEASE use gloves and don’t work too long! I must have had eye contact with the product and days later they were still burning. Besides, the headaches didn’t go away until the next morning. Pure chemistry, the horror!

But now for my application:

  • Vanish Spray on the cushions (not too much).
  • Then rub the sprayed segments with a damp terry towel (it is best to use white or colourfast towels) (a white foam forms).
  • Make sure that the towel is washed out regularly and only work with clean areas of the towel, otherwise the dirt will be distributed unnecessarily!
  • Then suck out the dirt/chemistry with the vacuum cleaner ORDENALLY.
  • As long as the fabric still feels “soapy” –> add water again and vacuum until the fabric feels like fabric again.

My result could be seen perfectly after drying. New car look!


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