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Junkers Bauhaus 6050-2 wristwatch

With its Bauhaus series, Junkers has very much followed the design of the Junghans Max Bill. Nevertheless, when adapting the grandfather, Junkers, in my opinion, broke with the style specifications of the Bauhaus design in the right place – the Eta 2824-2 caliber visibly decorated through the glass floor of the Junkers Bauhaus 6050-2.
I like to watch the mechanics of watches at work. Especially when a drive was additionally refined (partially gilded) as in the case of the Junkers Bauhaus.
In the first moment it is noticeable that the watch is very light which is due to the flat construction on the one hand and on the other hand to the Hesalite glass. With the glasses the ghosts among the clock collectors differ. IdR. there are two ways to take a look at the hands of a watch.

The sapphire crystal consists of heavy “glass” in the actual sense and is quite “insensitive” to scratches. However, if there are scratches in the glass, only an exchange of the pane can help. Unfortunately, the sapphire glass only thanks greater force with a break or chipped corners.

If you place a watch with Hesalite glass upside down on a table, you have a good chance of defacing it with smaller scratches. Although it can be polished quite well, the ravages of time gnaw on hesalite glasses much more than on sapphire glasses – they become brittle.

The reason for the use of hesalite glass at the Junkers Bauhaus is the vaulted form, which can probably only be realized in this way. Also the ticking is a bit more noticeable compared to my other Eta 2824-2 calibres.

In my opinion it should be 1-2mm smaller in diameter to go through as a real Dresswatch. But the design is so simple that you can forgive this little outlier quickly.

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