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CNC milling machine – base plate + sacrificial plate

I am currently working on a Shapeoko-x CNC milling machine from myhobby-cnc.

Because every customer customizes the size of the milling machine himself, myhobby-cnc does not supply any base or sacrificial plates.

After some research I decided to use a screen printing plate instead of an MDF plate.

The primary function of the base plate is to stabilize the frame of the milling machine at a right angle and to fix the milled material in place. However, because one does not want to mill permanently into the base plate, it is advisable to clamp a so-called sacrificial plate between the workpiece and the base plate, which can be easily replaced at any time.

In the DIY store I bought a 2500mm x 1250mm x 15mm screen printing plate and shortened it to 1550mm with a transport cut. The shorter remnant serves as sacrificial plate.

[print_gllr id=2689]

I have decided for a hole pattern in the distance of 140mm. In my opinion, a good average between sufficient coverage of fixation points and an acceptable amount of work. The total effort of drilling, milling and fixing the striking nuts was about 4 hours.

I have countersunk the striking nuts so that they don’t get in the way of the ground fixing – the nuts for fixing the base plate to the frame of the milling machine as well.

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