Ultralight Travel Toilet Bag

How low can you go? With a few tricks you have a toiletry bag that hardly matters when travelling. Designed for best scalability.

How to Organize the bathroom

Simple steps to get your bathroom cleaned up with little effort. Get rid of unsightly packaging and bring uniform design.

Minimalist Checklist For Buying Things

In the past I used to like to buy things spontaneously out of desire, and I didn’t really care what should happen to the objects after the purchase. Now I slowly ask myself the questions I should have asked myself[…]

The way to standard minimalistic products

Standard products minimize the effort required to purchase products. How do you get your standard product and what advantages does it offer if you concentrate intensively on what you want at all?

Minimalistic Travelling

If you don’t want to take a suitcase with you when you travel, you inevitably have to deal with what you can do without when you travel. A trip of several weeks only with a backpack? A challenge? No! Meanwhile no more problem for me and that even with a large camera equipment.

Handle the flood of email

Almost every online registration is accompanied by a newsletter. At some point you get more mails from advertising and information distributors than you get useful mails. As soon as the relationship is no longer right, you should do something. The solution is complex however lasting.

Minimalistic Daily Companions

Keys, phone, wallet. Everybody carries something with them all the time. You get used to these things even if they are a burden and it is difficult to get away from changing what you are used to.

Minimalistic Document Management

n the course of your life, you accumulate an enormous amount of documents, which usually get dusty in folders, take away space and are very rarely needed. Time for a new, great concept.

Minimalism #0

Over time, I have accumulated a considerable amount of possessions, which increasingly burden me. To have to take care of the objects alone, to keep them in good condition or to tidy them up is increasingly ruining my mood. As[…]