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Minimalistic Daily Companions

What do I carry around with me every day? Keys, smartphone, wallet. Actually this little things is not worth mentioning but out of habit more and more accumulates.

Time for me to take a closer look. What do I need and what can I get rid of?

My daily drivers are classic: smartphone, keys, wallet.

A smartphone with a protective cover that hides the brand logo and keeps the colour of the device inconspicuous. I won’t change much here in the first step.

The wallet was a leather wallet with a stamp print, a lot of accumulated cards, a lot of coinage and it is much too thick that I never need it because I pay with Apple Pay and except for one situation per week I don’t need any cash.

Too many cards have been accumulated as well. Membership cards, identification cards, mastercards from two banks, Maestro card, health card, driver’s license, identity card, metro card, business card (wtf!…)

After clearing out the rubbish, the following remain: identity card, driving licence, a Maestro card and, in case of an emergency, a note and three coins.

I will only take the remaining cards with me as needed. But in Fileee there is a picture of each card in case any unplanned numbers become important.

I don’t need a big wallet for the few items either. I came across a simple model made of paper imitation leather without an external brand print. It holds the cards and offers a small compartment for coins. I could reduce the volume of the wallet to 1/4 of the old one and now carry only the most necessary things around with me.

My bunch of keys consisting of two keys and a lanyard. I can’t do without the car and house keys at the moment. I’m just looking at what smart lock solutions with Geo-Fencing or Smartphone Walletts are available to get rid of the house key. The carrying strap does not serve any purpose and can be removed.

A few things could disappear and the small purse is a lot of fun because it is so inconspicuous and light that it hardly interferes with my pocket.

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