DJI Ronin S Travelbag

DJI delivers the DJI Ronin S in a very bulky transport case, which protects the sensitive device very well, but for travelling and on the way I was looking for a more elegant solution. At the moment there is no[…]

Bose A20 vs. Lightspeed Zulu 2

At some point I wanted to have my own headset with active noise suppression for flying. For a long time I informed myself about the various models and at some point two models from the race were left over. The[…]

Ultimaker filament extrusion problems

Lately I had massive extrusion problems with my Ultimaker and had the initially thought the feeder would be the problem because my knurled head screw had partially eaten in the filament and finally was slipping.In the meantime i changed the nozzle and have[…]