Minimalism #4 Travel

In the past, travelling has always been a major task for me. What do I need and what could I need? Let us leave out the second part of the question, we have already taken a good step towards a[…]

more free data volume when flying or on the train

Horrendous prices for a few megabytes of data on a flight or on a train make you inventive. Emirates, for example, wants $10 for 150MB and offers the payment unwilling passenger only 20MB of free volume. If you don’t pay[…]

Minimalism #3 handle the flood of email

Not only in the household many things accumulate over time. Even digital life is not spared. Every day I look at my smartphone several times because a new mail has arrived. I have noticed for quite some time that not[…]

Minimalism #2 Daily Companions

What do I carry around with me every day? Keys, smartphone, wallet. Actually this little things is not worth mentioning but out of habit more and more accumulates. Time for me to take a closer look. What do I need[…]

Minimalism #1 Document Management

Until a few years ago, I punched important documents and filed them thematically in classic folders. The result after a few years was to have many folders that took up space and, above all, time for order. Nevertheless, i searched[…]

Minimalism #0

Over time, I have accumulated a considerable amount of possessions, which increasingly burden me. To have to take care of the objects alone, to keep them in good condition or to tidy them up is increasingly ruining my mood. As[…]

DJI Ronin S carry around like a pro

The DJI Ronin S is heavy! Damn hard if you have to carry it around all day assembled. I was looking for a solution how to carry the DJI Ronin S around in fast access without having to hold it[…]

DJI Ronin S & Canon EOS 6D Mark II Control Cable

The DJI Ronin S can now control a whole range of cameras. Unfortunately, for my Canon EOS 6D Mark II there is currently only the possibility to connect the two devices via infrared. The DJI Ronin S fugues as a[…]

Adapting the DJI Ronin S to Arca Swiss

I run two different cameras on the DJI Ronin S and had to change the Ronin camera track from camera to camera every time I changed which is always very annoying on the way without tools and has cost a[…]

The ultimate Prague travel guide

Prague has become a very popular destination for me when it comes to a long weekend. Over the last few years I have seen a recurring pattern in popular places, a few of which I would like to introduce. The[…]

Edge protection for the DJI Ronin S axes

If you don’t pay attention, the metal arms of the DJI Ronin S Gimbal will slam into each other. This can also cause quirks and dents in the metal. Super annoying! Depending on the camera model in the gimbal there[…]

DJI Ronin S Travelbag

DJI delivers the DJI Ronin S in a very bulky transport case, which protects the sensitive device very well, but for travelling and on the way I was looking for a more elegant solution. At the moment there is no[…]

Bose A20 vs. Lightspeed Zulu 2

At some point I wanted to have my own headset with active noise suppression for flying. For a long time I informed myself about the various models and at some point two models from the race were left over. The[…]

Ultimaker filament extrusion problems

Lately I had massive extrusion problems with my Ultimaker and had the initially thought the feeder would be the problem because my knurled head screw had partially eaten in the filament and finally was slipping.In the meantime i changed the nozzle and have[…]