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Find free IONITY charging points

In a thread in the TFF forum I read to the fact that there are charging stations at IONITY, which provide free electricity. Supposedly, these are minor technical problems at the but, but apparently not so bad that the station must be completely shut down. Some customers report a reduced charging power of 31kW, while others can allegedly charge at 150kW.

Unfortunately there is no filter on IONITY to search for thesestations but IONITY has an API that gives me exactly this info:

aktuell kostenlos = free of charge atm

With the help of Node-Red I get this data and process it further for a Telegram bot that regularly informs about new free stations but also about stations that have been repaired and are now no longer free of charge.

Once a day I create a POI map of all currently free stations.

free IONITY Stations as of 22.01.2023

The bot is currently still beta but if you want to get updates on the free IONITY charging stations you are welcome to join the Telegram group:

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