How to: Engine air filter change w204.025 350cdi

When I went through the service papers of my car a few days ago, I noticed that only at 80´000 km a change of the engine filter was noted in the digital service booklet. With meanwhile over 190´000 km it[…]

Homemade office chair from the CNC milling machine

What do you do if you don’t get really warm with the office chairs offered and you have a CNC milling machine in your house? – Just build your own chair! Now there is the possibility to consider your own[…]

W204 Remove crackling noise during braking

For several months I had heard an extremely unpleasant crackling noise while braking. But now my workshop has finally found out about it all. Symptoms: When I touched the brake pedal for the first time at speeds below 50km/h after[…]

Sharpen blades from Gardena mowing robot yourself

Now our Gardena R40li or R80li mowing robot has been busy in the garden for a month but slowly you notice that the blades are dulling a bit. The blades become clogged over time as the grass is cut and[…]

hot to fix HTC Vive Controller connection problems

I had massive problems from the beginning to get the two controllers of the HTC Vive connected to the rest of the system. At least I’m not alone, and there’s a little workaround for this problem, but more on that[…]

Link collection – CNC furniture

One of the main reasons for purchasing my CNC milling machine was to build my own furniture and lamps. I’m neither a carpenter nor a product designer, but thanks to 3D printing I’m now quite comfortable with Autodesk Inventor. At[…]

how to run china Arduinos on Mac OSX

First tests with the CNC milling machine have been completed and the good piece has moved from the office to the craft room. But at the moment there is no PC to control the machine and I have to do[…]

Philips Hue Rod Lamp DIY

I am constantly looking for new lamps and luminaires to slowly replace the optically not so great standard lamps in the household. I wanted a more or less minimalist lamp for the hallway, which would illuminate the room evenly and[…]

Presence / Presence Detection Smart Mirror – Geofence

Eigentlich wollte ich die Anwesenheitserkennung meines Smart Mirrors über einen Bluetooth Ping regeln, was sich aber leider aufgrund von Problemen mit dem Bluetooth Stack bluez als nicht machbar herausgestellt hat. Ich habe hier darüber geschreiben. Actually I wanted to control the presence[…]

l2ping freezes Raspberry

For the presence detection of my Smart Mirror I would have liked to use a Bluetooth ping via l2ping with the on-board means of my Raspberry to detect the presence of my Smartphone or my girlfriend and thus switch the[…]

How to build a Smart Mirror

Almost a year ago the Dutchman Mirchael Teeuw presented a self-built Smart Mirror in his blog (article Mirror I / VI). Our hallway needed a mirror anyway. Time for a new project. This isn’t a step-by-step guide to rebuilding. I[…]

Fix Mercedes C-Class squeaky ventilation

I had three Mercedes so far and each of them suffered at least once from the problem of the squeaking or chirping blower motor during my possession time. The noise changes with the speed of the ventilation and tends to[…]

Ultimaker filament extrusion problems

Lately I had massive extrusion problems with my Ultimaker and had the initially thought the feeder would be the problem because my knurled head screw had partially eaten in the filament and finally was slipping.In the meantime i changed the nozzle and have[…]

Replace centre console panel on W204

Unfortunately, the soft-painted panel of the centre console cannot maintain the remaining quality standard of the interior and begins to flake and scratch quite early. Mercedes has also had bad experiences with soft paints in other vehicles. The older SLK[…]

Multiply TSA keys from the 3D printer

A few weeks ago I read an article on Heise that it was probably possible to create reproductions of these keys from the 3D printer based on an image of TSA keys. Of course I wanted to try it out[…]

A roof rack for the Dacia Duster

The roof railing is a feature of the Dacia Duster, which has changed with the facelift to the Ph2 in 2014. The railing has become significantly wider and higher, making it difficult to find the appropriate roof rack accessories. I[…]

How To Order 3000 Rocker Switches In China

For a new project (more about this later) I needed a larger amount of illuminated rocker switches (approx. 3000st.). The problem was that in Germany there was no price quote for the project which would have made it affordable. Here[…]

Mercedes w124 230CE Thrust cutoff

One problem that can lead to a malfunction on the Mercedes W124 230 CE (´87) is a broken spring on the throttle return. If the accelerator pedal is not pressed, the small spring ensures that the switch is actuated to[…]

CNC milling machine – base plate + sacrificial plate

I am currently working on a Shapeoko-x CNC milling machine from myhobby-cnc. Because every customer customizes the size of the milling machine himself, myhobby-cnc does not supply any base or sacrificial plates. After some research I decided to use a[…]

Ist the Security paper Hydalam Secure?

Yesterday I received the PIN letter from my new credit card for online banking and I was wondering how secure the black and white security field under which the PIN is hidden is. As a hobby photographer, I came up[…]

Timegrapher Kello Review

As a watch enthusiast one is always anxious to know exactly about the technical details of his jewelry pieces. This also includes measured values for accuracy, which ideally lie within the tolerance of the movement. Now one has the possibility[…]

Junghans Mega 1000

Originally I wanted to buy a watch with Poljot 3133 for the sport. The result was a Zeppelin 7410-2 Classic Line, but the high value and the automatic for the use in the gym of its own exclusion. Therefore I[…]