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Sigma lens caps fall off

Some time ago I switched from my Canon lenses to Sigma lenses. On the whole I’m very happy with it but one thing almost made me lose my mind.

The original Sigma lens caps simply don’t hold properly to the lenses and simply fall off with light pressure or pulling.

I don’t know this case from canon lenses at all – trifles that simply annoy me immensely.

Because I transport the lenses a lot in my backpack, I don’t want a lens cap that has fallen off rubbing against the glass when worn.

I was allowed to try out pretty much all brand lids in the photo shop and the result was actually gone by the bank: All other lids fit better than the original ones from Sigma.

My personal favourite were the models from Dörr – no brand imprint and cheap. Unfortunately somewhat heavier than the original lids.

  • 82mm: Sigma: 17,83g, Dörr: 23,48g
  • 86mm: Sigma: 21,60g, Dörr: 27,39g

But why is it that the original Sigma lens caps hold worse? The tension of the caps seems to be quite similar. Only a wider groove shape is noticeable on the Dörr models.

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