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Make yourself a kneeboard for iPad aviation navigation system

Permanently installed aircraft navigation systems are convincing due to their enormous robustness. They function at high temperatures, absorb shocks well and are easy to read even in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, these devices become obsolete at some point and are no longer state of the art. Updates are incredibly expensive and a new device costs many thousands of Euros.

This is why the “old” navigation system likes to remain in the cockpit and pilots look for inexpensive alternative systems. Tablets with Flight Navi Apps are popular.

There are several mounting systems that can be mounted anywhere in the cockpit, but this often prevents the view of instruments or the view.

Because I’m flying a club plane and therefore I can’t just redesign the cockpit according to my needs, I was looking for a way to mount my iPad somewhere so that nothing gets blocked in the cockpit.

So-called knee boards are popular with many pilots for attaching approach charts or notes. There are many products for this on the market. But I haven’t seen one for a tablet computer yet.

After some consideration I have compiled the following shopping list

ca. 1m long, 60mm wide elastic band
ca. 1m long velcro 50mm wide self adhesive
10 snap buttons
iPad Case

The length of the elastic band depends of course on the thigh circumference. I decided for a length of 60cm. This is much longer than it should be for me but so I can attach several buttons to vary the length.

I not only glued the velcro tape to the rubber band but also sewed it at the edge with the sewing machine. The length of my velcro strip is 41cm.

I have two studs on one end and four times two normal studs on the other side. The edge distance is always 10mm. The distance between the buttons is 30mm.

When setting the push buttons, pay attention to the correct direction.

The soft side velcro tape is glued horizontally to the back of the iPad case in two strips. The surface must be clean.

The whole construction is light, space-saving and variable in length. The elastic band ensures a pleasant wearing comfort. The adhesion between the iPad and the strap is pretty good.

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