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Minimalism #0

Over time, I have accumulated a considerable amount of possessions, which increasingly burden me. To have to take care of the objects alone, to keep them in good condition or to tidy them up is increasingly ruining my mood.

As I have noticed, there is another problem connected with the high number of objects, namely the decision of the selection: A photo tour should take place and there are 7 lenses and a large amount of accessories to choose from. What should I take with me? The dissatisfaction with the situation of the selection already overshadows the creative process of photography because there is no “one solution” for the problem anyway. I am more concerned with the overhead than with the creative process itself. That can’t be!

This is just one example and is representative of many situations. Traveling, the morning choice of clothes, the right tool for a project, etc.

I admire people who manage to live as digital nomads out of a backpack. For me this would definitely be a goal, but the way there is no easy one and my result will probably end somewhere on the way there someday.

I plan to make a multi-part series out of my path to minimalism and to document it here. From the whole process I hope for less psychological stress and more satisfaction with myself and my environment as well as more concentration on the things I really want to deal with.

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