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Minimalist Checklist For Buying Things

In the past I used to like to buy things spontaneously out of desire, and I didn’t really care what should happen to the objects after the purchase. Now I slowly ask myself the questions I should have asked myself before buying.

From these questions I have created a minimalism checklist with the help of which I can shop more consciously in the future.

Thanks at @bleeptrack for this picture
  • Does it solve a problem for me?
  • Is the benefit greater than the burden I’m going to have with it? Does it need maintenance? does it need cleaning? does it get dusty? Do I have follow-up costs with it?
  • How do I get rid of it one day? Enough things are not easy to dispose of
  • Research if there’s anything that can do his job even better
  • If I haven’t missed it yet, why do I need it now? External influences such as advertising or trends lead to spontaneous buying considerations.
  • How many objects can it make obsolete? Does it help me on my way to minimalism?
  • Can I get it used? Other people are happy when they can get rid of their stuff and don’t have to throw it away.
  • Will you take care of it? Electrical devices, for example, require full batteries to operate. Do you make sure that it is always ready for use?
  • Are there ethical or environmental reasons not to buy the item?
  • Where is it kept, do I have room for it?
  • Is it something you can borrow from someone?
  • Do you have time for this?

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