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Adapting the DJI Ronin S to Arca Swiss

I run two different cameras on the DJI Ronin S and had to change the Ronin camera track from camera to camera every time I changed which is always very annoying on the way without tools and has cost a lot of time.

So I wanted a possibility to use my Arca Swiss tripod plates and change the cameras quickly and without tools.

Take an Arca Swiss clamping plate and mount it on the camera rail of the DJI Ronin S. The remaining accessories come from the DIY store and cost only a few cents.

Any: Arca Swiss clamping plate

2x plastic washers

One knurled nut M4

One countersunk screw M4 in 20mm length

Thanks to the knurled screw and the plastic washers, the tripod plate can be moved without tools. Simply hold the screw lightly and tighten with the knurled screw.

A very good solution for me at the moment. Arca Swiss is also represented with me with the tripods as quick-change system. So I have a one fits all solution for all camera shots.

Update 22.01.2019

There is a new possibility to adapt the Ronin to Arca Swiss and the whole construction is also a few grams lighter (from 150g to 103g). You can get the part here.

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One Comment

  1. Jon Swit

    …see, this isn’t what people really need. We want a arca clamp/plate that mounts long-ways onto the manfrotto plate so as to accommodate cine style cameras !

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