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Dacia Duster Tuning

Also in the further I go here into the changes, which I made at my Dacia Duster up to now.

Remove sticker

Dacia doesn’t save with stickers when delivering the duster, partly also in the visible area – disturbing.

  • The Dacia ‘elf’ sticker on the rear window. Unpleasant and conspicuous. For me simply an optical deficiency. Good that this can be removed easily – warmed up with a hot air dryer.
  • The bright yellow / red safety ‘RTFM’ stickers on the make-up mirrors, which dazzle directly in the field of vision. Unfortunately, these can only be removed with hot air and then the adhesive residue can be removed with benzine. Unpleasant, complex but satisfactory in the result.

Attach stickers

The company LZ-Parts offers a column decor for the Dacia Duster, which makes the appearance of the side flank a little more homogeneous. Especially for vehicles with tinted rear side windows, the window pane now looks a bit more harmonious and ‘sportier’.

The installation is very simple.

  • The surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • The painted surfaces and the adhesive surfaces of the foils are sprayed with a dissolved laminating agent.
  • The film can then be placed on the lacquer. Due to the water still present between the lacquer and the film, the film can now be moved floating for some time.
  • As soon as the seat fits, the water under the foil is ‘spread out’ with the supplied spatula.
  • Once almost all the moisture has been removed, a hot-air hairdryer can be used. The remaining water will evaporate faster and the foil will cling better to the paint.

After about 45 minutes everything is done.

It should only be noted that the column decor does not reach 100% to the edges, as shown in the picture. However, this is not a problem with dark lacquers. Personally, I would consider it very carefully to apply this decor to a white varnish. The spaces in between will probably catch your eye.

decor sticker

Replace windscreen wiper

Even in the Dacia Duster, I am plagued with my body size and the fact that the normal windscreen wipers do not clear my complete window of water. A wedge in the upper window remains and in the overlapping area between driver and passenger side also a large part remains untouched. According to several hints the Bosch Aerotwin on the Duster should fit. (But you can also search for the size 600mm / 530mm at other manufacturers).

original vs. Bosch Aerotwin
Original vs. Bosch Aerotwin

Painting brake drums

An enormous nuisance with the Dacia Duster (but also with other vehicles) are the brake drums of the rear axle, which already had first rust deposits with the collection of the vehicle. A bad habit! Here the cast iron part seems to have been completely unprotected. But there is a remedy in the form of heat-resistant brake caliper paint. The application is simple. The car is jacked up, the wheels removed and the brake drum thoroughly cleaned. The paint is applied in several layers with a short curing time. However, the holes in the screw threads should not be painted.

Rost im Falz der Bremstrommel bei Auslieferung
Rust in the fold of the brake drum on delivery day

license plate holder

I can’t stand dealer ads on license plate holders. That’s why I replaced the holders with more inconspicuous ones.

Werbefreie Kennzeichenhalter
Advertising-free license plate holders

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