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Defective power supply from Gardena R40li lawn mower robot

After less than a year of use, the power supply of my Gardena R40li mowing robot broke down. At least there is still a guarantee. Of course I want to bridge the 1-2 weeks until the exchange.

The power supply with the technical data 28V 1,3A and the part number 58-48.625.01 costs 90€ as a spare part at Gardena.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can look for an equivalent notebook power supply or take a simple laboratory power supply from the 0-30V class.

Of course you have to pay attention to the polarity reversal. With my device the construction looks like this:

The black/white cable: Plus

The Black Cable: Minus

The R40li is now running again and the laboratory power supply is suitable as an immediate aid.

Update: After 14 days I got the defective power supply from Gardena replaced.

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