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DJI Ronin S Travelbag

DJI delivers the DJI Ronin S in a very bulky transport case, which protects the sensitive device very well, but for travelling and on the way I was looking for a more elegant solution.

At the moment there is no manufacturer who has developed a solution especially for the DJI Ronin S to package it as transportable as possible. People use nylon Macbook sleeves, for example, but all the solutions I’ve found so far have been a bit awkward.

Fortunately I still had an Everyday Sling 10l from Peak Design, which in my opinion is perfect for the transport of the DJI Ronin S. Simply disassemble the device into its three main parts (gimbal/ handle/ tripod) and you get the parts in your bag.

The Velcro shields supplied by Peak Design can safely separate the camera from the rest of the equipment. After packing the gimbal there is even some room for a smaller camera like the Panasonic GH5.

Also a 12″ Macbook and some accessories fit into the small Everyday Sling 10l from Peak Design. I found an almost perfect solution for the transport of my photo/video equipment.

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