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Edge protection for the DJI Ronin S axes

If you don’t pay attention, the metal arms of the DJI Ronin S Gimbal will slam into each other. This can also cause quirks and dents in the metal. Super annoying!

Depending on the camera model in the gimbal there are different intersections of the arms. For my two cameras, however, a few points have crystallized out where edge protection is useful. Exactly for this I created CAD models for edge protection stickers.

I glued a 2mm moss rubber plate backside with double-sided mounting tape in sheets.

Afterwards I cut out the patterns from the lasercutter and glued the stickers on the DJI Ronin S.

So I can put the DJI Ronin S into my backpack without any problems, even in calibrated condition, without having to be afraid of having quirks or dents on my arms. Nice side effect because of the protection on the hub: When folded, the roll axis can be placed on the hub and holds by itself.

If you are of the opinion that an edge protector would help you in these places please see this Webshop: DJI Ronin S edge Protectors

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  1. Andrei

    This is great! Do you sell these? Is there any way we can have the plans to make them ourselves? In English of course. Lol.

    • admin

      You got a mail 🙂

  2. Henrik

    That’s awesome. You should start selling this on ebay or Amazon?!

    How can I get a set?

  3. Henrik

    That’s awesome. You should sell these on ebay or Amazon.

    How can I donate to get a set?

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