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Engine Oil Change – W209 200k

About every two quarters I buy the following articles for the engine oil change at my C209 CLK:

  • 6l 0W-40 Oil
  • oil filter and a copper sealing ring as well as a new drain plug
  • Please check carefully if these are the right articles for you.

My working steps:

Vehicle on the lifting platform and the underride protection unscrewed -8mm nut and all easy to find (a total of 8 pieces).
Oil filter with a universal joint and a 25mm (no longer safe) nut loosened and unscrewed by hand.
Oil cover unscrewed and the car lifted up again.
There slowly unscrew the drain plug (provide collecting pan) and let the oil run off (it takes…).
In the meantime I disassembled the old oil filter (Remove the three seals and the filter from the mandrel and put on the new ones).
When everything had expired after about 10 minutes, the new sealing ring was put on the drain plug and screwed in (30NM).
Underride guard screwed on again and the vehicle lowered.
Screw on the new filter insert by hand and take care with the universal joint! (24 NM).
5,5l new oil filled (depending on engine!)
Put the cover on, let the engine run for 1min, check the stand again and you’re done!

Now the take-off distance (Sls) is reset, depending on the oil used or its Mercedes-Benz release. The release is defined according to the corresponding operating instructions according to Mercedes sheet BeVo 229.3 or BeVo 229.5.

2013-02-09 15.42.49

My used 0W40 Oil can be found in both operating instructions. It may be unnecessary, but I choose the BeVo sheet 229.3 with the Sls of 15´000 km. So I have a change in spring and autumn and I don’t have to be in scorching heat or – 20°C under the car.


The resetting is quite simple (if necessary, refer to the onboard manual, individual steps may vary):

Key in position 1 (0-1-2 start).
Use the scroll buttons to switch to the ‘Mileage’ or ‘Temperature’ display.
Briefly press the reset/brightness control 3 times.
Key in position 2.
Use the scroll buttons to switch to the ‘Service display’ display.
Briefly press the reset/brightness control once. Now ‘Oil type’ appears.
Use the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ keys to select the type of oil used (Spec. 229.3 or 229.5).
Confirm the entry with one of the scroll buttons.
Press the reset/brightness control for 3 seconds (it appears: ‘Service confirmed’).
There you go.

Those who cannot dispose of the oil in the rental workshop can dispense the litre at many other workshops for almost 0.30€.

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