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Differential oil change on CLK w209

I had not found any records of the previous owner of the car on the subject of differential oil change for my vehicle. So I decided to do it myself to make sure that the externally dry differential is not only ‘dry’ because there was no oil left.

Mercedes itself does not prescribe any change intervals for the differential oil for the CLK-w209 (so-called lifetime filling).

Some data about the diff/vehicle:

  • w209 200k Bj 2004
  • mileage: ~150 000km
  • Diff oil change: n.a. (The filling and drain plugs are generally replaced when the oil is changed. The corrosion symptoms of diff and screw were identical, which indicates to me that no oil change had taken place yet.)

The corresponding parts:

The oil change was done quickly.

  • Car on the lifting platform, with the 14mm Imbus+extension first the (upper) filler screw is loosened to make sure that it really(!) opens.
  • Then carefully open the drain plug and let the used oil run into the collecting container.

The oil didn’t smell good and looked marbled as it ran out. Colour change from grey to black. I can’t estimate the amount, but it wasn’t 1l anymore. From the feeling I would guess 0.75l, but I really can only estimate that.

The old screw once again slightly screwed in and flushed with about 100ml of the new oil. It’s interesting to see how fast these 100ml of gold yellow turn into dreary grey/black.

Then insert the new drain plug and pour in the new oil until it runs out again at the top.

Replace filling plug and tighten. Finished.

The driving characteristics have not changed noticeably. But I now ride with a better feeling, because:

  • I know that oil was available before (you can never know with such an old, outwardly dry Mercedes-Diff)
  • I know that I’m driving with new oil now and don’t have to worry about it for the next few thousand kilometres.

Duration approx. 15-20 minutes.

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