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Living room Lamp made of Fluorescent Tubes

For a long time I had an Ikea VIDJA floor lamp as primary lighting in my living room. With time, however, I set about it and a new solution had to be found.

While searching for a new lamp I came across this design from “Recycled Tube Light”. I really liked the idea to bundle neon tubes and light them from the inside.

I adapted this beautiful design for my need on a stand lamp and built me in Inventor CAD a model for a holder, which takes up the fluorescent tubes circularly. The inner radius should be just big enough that I could take over the lamp tree of the old Ikea VIDJA lamp.

16 fluorescent tubes in 1,50m length, some leftovers of 18mm multiplex plates (birch plywood), a meter textile cable and a europlug I had to get.

CAD Vorlage für die Halterungen oben und unten

Milling CAD models with the CNC milling machine took about two hours for 5 parts. In the lower area I have milled an extra plate for ventilation so that the air can get into the column, so that the lamps inside do not get too warm and are ventilated a bit.

I glued the milled plates together and screwed the old interior of the Ikea lamp to the base. Then just put the light sticks into the holders and put on the lid.

The new lamp is ready 🙂

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