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Replace centre console panel on W204

Unfortunately, the soft-painted panel of the centre console cannot maintain the remaining quality standard of the interior and begins to flake and scratch quite early.

Mercedes has also had bad experiences with soft paints in other vehicles. The older SLK models are called “freckles”.

UV light, heat and manual loads on the edges, e.g. from objects placed in the shelves and rubbing against the fascia, make them appear very unsightly over time.

At least you don’t have to live with this optical shortcoming and can remedy it yourself very quickly.

The bezel has the article number: 204 680 01 07. But pay attention to the choice of colour, so that it fits to the rest of the interior.

The exchange is very easy, because the cover is secured with only one Torx screw, which becomes visible as soon as the left rubber tray is pulled out.

If the screw is loosened, the panel must still be courageously pulled out upwards. To do this, it is advisable to push the blind to the rear and reach into the shaft with your fingers and pack the plastic part from here. Until the first clamp is released it takes a lot of courage to apply enough force but you will see that not much can happen. Just make sure that the front panel is pulled off at the end and slides under the armrest. Just have a look at the construction of the new aperture beforehand.

If the screen is removed, the new one can simply be pushed in again and clicked on. Then insert the screw and the change bag.

The whole action lasts less than 5 minutes and massively enhances the interior.

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