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Self-built office table “Studio Desk” by

The real reason to buy a CNC milling machine at that time was that I wanted to build my own furniture at some point. But for a very long time I spared the massive effort. Not wrongly!

The platform offers super beautiful furniture designs for free download.

I bought the necessary materials in the DIY store for about 200€.

One of the biggest things I learned from the project was that in the future, I would place all the individual parts together on the material surface in Illustrator in order to use the space efficiently. I have produced a lot of waste for this project, so I can produce small parts for the next few months.

The cross struts of the table frame were with approx. 1.60m a little too long for my milling machine so that I already had the strips cut to the correct length and width in the DIY store and so only had to mill the connections of the front surfaces.

The time expenditure was spread over two weeks and approx. 15 hours of milling, grinding and oil work.

A very nice project with a great result I think.

Many thanks to Joni Steiner for your open designs.

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