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Sharpen blades from Gardena mowing robot yourself

Now our Gardena R40li or R80li mowing robot has been busy in the garden for a time but slowly you notice that the blades are dulling a bit.

The blades become clogged over time as the grass is cut and contact is made with stones and small branches.

Can the old blades be refreshed with a grindstone and some work?

Yes, definitely! 5-10 minutes of work and the result is impressive. The blades are again super sharp and ready for the next months. The abrasion on the blade is so minimal that it can be sharpened very often.

But please be careful when grinding! If in doubt, buy new blades.

Update 09.08.2019

How long do the blades last?

In the meantime the blades (still the original ones) have run 2350h and have been sharpened 6 times. I’d say they still have 75% left.

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